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Home Office Flooring

Best Flooring for Home Offices

When the kids are home, the pets are home, and you’re home, it can be a little hectic to find a quiet place to get office work done. Want to create a dedicated work space where you can focus and get things done? Whether you’re turning your dining room or bedroom into a multi-functional space, or you’re converting an entire room into a home office, at Independent Carpet One Floor & Home we can help.

What are the best types of flooring to update these rooms with? Luxury vinyl, carpet, and laminate are a few of our favorites. They all have unique advantages. For instance, cozy and quiet carpet flooring will help insulate your space from distracting noises. Meanwhile, laminate and luxury vinyl floors will resist pet claw scratches from furry family members who can’t help but follow you everywhere – even when you’re trying to work.


Below, we highlight the #1 flooring products our clients have been choosing to complete their home offices:


Lee’s Summit Point Carpet Flooring- As one of the most trusted brands on the market, Lees is well known for combining beautiful design with functional performance. The Summit Point collection is made using a premium triexta blend, which is one of the most wear-resistant fibers available. It also comes in a range of clean, neutral colors and is woven using a cut-loop geometrical pattern that disguises traffic patterns, such as those left by a rolling chair.

Tigressá Passages Carpet Flooring- Discover the luxuriously soft feel and ultra-durability of Tigressá, our premier nylon carpet collection. The Passages line is available in an assortment of design-curated styles, patterns, and textures that will complete your home office with a professional touch that’s also cozy and functional. Nylon is the strongest synthetic fiber on the market, and it’s unbelievably soft, so this floor gives you the best of both worlds.

Mirror Lake Waterproof Laminate- Want a floor that’s meant to last? Mirror Lake waterproof laminate is an exclusive Carpet One brand featuring the most scratch and dent-resistant finish in the industry. This 100% waterproof floor is available in beautiful natural hardwood looks that will give your home office a sophisticated and stylish visual appeal. It will also be able to handle larger office furniture like desks and floor cabinets without denting.

Invincible H20 Luxury Vinyl- For the ultimate kid and pet-friendly flooring choice, check out our Invincible H20 line. With handcrafted designer looks and lifetime protection from wear, fading, stains, dents, and moisture, this is your best option if you work in an active space. A ceramic-fused finish gives this floor extra protection against heavier furniture and appliances, plus it’s a great solution if you’re working in a multi-purpose office that also serves as a dining room, bedroom, or other space with family going in and out.



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Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring is a top choice for home offices because it provides stunning natural wood and stone looks and it’s extremely scratch, stain, and wear-resistant. Many vinyl floors also come with a cushioned underlayment that helps insulate your space and absorbs noises like pet claws and foot steps for a cozier, quieter environment that’s more conducive to work.




We offer a variety of stylish carpet flooring options, including low-precision cut carpets that are ideal for office chair mobility and leveling heavy furniture like desks. If you have pets or children who like to trail you to your home office space, carpet provides a cozy place for them to quietly lay down or play.



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Kid Friendly Flooring

Kid-friendly floors are particularly useful if you’re working in a multi-purpose space like the dining room. These floors tend to be stain-resistant, hypoallergenic, and durable.



Pet Friendly Flooring

There’s no need to stress over an occasional puppy accident or toppled food bowl with our pet-friendly flooring options. Easy to clean, odor-resistant, and abrasion-resistant, our pet-friendly floors will add worry-free function and style to your home office.



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