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neutral patterned area rug in living room

Area Rugs in Westland, MI

Area rugs are a great way to instantly bring texture, color, and warmth to your room, without making a permanent or pricey commitment. Whether you’re simply not ready to install wall-to-wall carpet or need to protect your hardwood floors from daily dings and damages, area rugs always make a profound style statement.



At Independent Carpet One Floor & Home in Westland, MI, we’re your local flooring store and can help you craft the area rug you’ve been daydreaming about. Let your creativity run wild: we’re here to work closely with you to find – or make- the perfect area rug or carpeted stair runners.



Why Order Your Area Rug From Us?

We offer custom rug solutions to create a look that truly belongs in your home, office, or commercial property.


If you can't find that perfect area rug or stair runner, don't give up! The pros at Independent Carpet One Floor & Home can create the perfect rug just for you! Browse the wide pre-made rug selection on display in our showroom- if you don’t love what you seem we can create the perfect piece of art for your floor that’s perfectly tailored to fit your room.


Why custom rugs? Well, since most area rugs are factory specified for size, a custom option could be your best bet if your room doesn’t follow a traditional footprint. Perhaps you even have pieces of carpet left over from your recent installation?


Whichever option you choose, our custom Binding Specialist, Dan Hawkins, is here to work with you to cut and bind your rug down to every precise specification.


How We Create Our Area Rugs

Creating custom area rugs is truly an art form, one involving multiple steps


  • Binding is the finished edge sewn on the carpet to prevent raveling or fraying and most importantly providing the perfect finished product for your home or office. We charge $2.50 per lineal foot. Most bindings are completed within about a week.


  • Carpet Cove Bases replace the typical four-inch vinyl cove base for a rug that presents cleaner and coordinates better to the base of your room. A carpet cove base is a wonderful and refined addition to an executive office.


  • Slip Prevent is offered in several options. With in-stock rugs, a rubber mesh is added to lock your rug into place without damaging your tile, luxury vinyl, or hardwood floor. We can also adhere a felt or rubber backing to your carpet during the custom rug-binding process.



Carpet for Your Stairs

Adding a carpet runner to your stairs makes a striking statement, while upping your space’s safety factor.



A carpet stair runner is more than just a pretty accessory- though it’s certainly all that as well! Carpet runners insulate against noise and silence constant footsteps. They make your space appear more “finished,” while cushioning your tired knees and preventing everyday slips and tumbles.



Customize your stairways by choosing a carpet in traditional patterns, or trendy animal prints. Truly, the sky is the limit when it comes to complementing your overall interior design scheme!




What Are the Benefits of Area Rugs?

There’s so much to love about your new custom area rug.


  • Style: Bored with your room? Need more color or texture? An area rug is an instant fix.
  • Warmth: Michigan winter nights can be chilly, but a rug will keep your toes cozy.  
  • Comfort: Area rugs bring a layer of ample cushioning to spaces where we’re too often standing up.  
  • Protect Your Floors: Area rugs create an everyday barrier against life’s regular assaults. Things like high heeled shoes, cat claws, or a heavy sofa can all wreak havoc on your hardwood floor, but an area rug protects and preserves.
  • Let’s Keep it Quiet: For life in multi-family homes, condos, or apartments, we don't have to tell you how important it is to keep certain things private.


Find Custom Area Rugs in Near You in Westland, MI

Independent Carpet One Floor & Home in Westland, MI, is your local flooring and décor store. We’re proud to be your one-stop shop when it’s time to shop for a new area rug, with plentiful customization options to meet every need and desire.


Want to learn more about custom area rugs and stair runners? Please come visit our showroom, located at 1400 North Wayne Road, to browse our plentiful carpet inventory and discuss our professional rug cutting and binding options.

A Striking Style Statement

A new area rug or stair runner is a great way to add style, follow the hottest design trends, and extend the life of your hard surface flooring.
Grey leopard print stairs and rug

The History of Rugs

The use of carpet and rugs in our homes spans generations. Learn more about how rugs and carpets have evolved for modern life.
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