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Area Rug Binding & Backing

At Independent Carpet One, you can let your creativity run wild for the perfect area rug or runner. We offer custom solutions to create a look that truly belongs in your home, office or commercial property.



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If you can't find that perfect area rug or runner, don't give up! The pros at Independent Carpet One can actually create the perfect rug just for you! From the wide selection that we display in our showroom, we can create the perfect piece of art for your floor and the perfect size as well. Most area rugs are factory specified for size. So this is a perfect option. Maybe you have pieces of carpet left over from your installation due to waste, bring it in and we can have Dan Hawkins our Binding Specialist will cut the pieces to the size you need and have it bound for you.




Binding is the finished edge sewn on the carpet to prevent raveling or fraying and most importantly providing the perfect finished product for your home or office. We charge $2.50 per lineal foot and Dan can have the product back to our warehouse within a week of you dropping it off to us. 



independent-carpet-one-floor-home-westland-mi-area-rug-backing-binding-living-roomCarpet Cove Base

We do that too! In place of the typical 4 inch vinyl cove base imagine a cleaner more coordinating presentation around the base of your room. For the executive office, carpet cove base makes for a refined presentation.




Slip Prevention

You have a couple options here. First we have rug hold that we have in stock. This is a rubber mesh that will keep you area rug in place either on resilient ceramic or vinyl floor and even on a hardwood floor without causing damage to your beautifully installed floor. The other option is for Dan Hawkins to adhere an actual felt or rubber backing to the piece of carpet you brought into binding